IT Support

On-Site Support

We provide On-Site IT Support to our clients. This includes setting up and configuring printers, software, WIFI antennas, and other on-site IT assets.

Off-Site Support

Some IT support issues do not require an on-site technician. We provide off-site support to our clients ensuring all systems in place are operating smooth and effectively.

Software Installation and Licensing Configuration

Software installations and license configuration can be a confusing and often times troubling task for many business owners. We take the time to ensure all software installations and licenses are configured correctly, so your business can operate effectively.

Hardware Installation and Configuration

We work directly with IT hardware companies to provide upstanding service and support related to IT assets. Hardware installation and configuration can be troublesome, we take the time to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Managing IT assets can be troublesome and confusing, let us help you manage your IT assets including WIFI antennas, printers, and software installations.

We ensure our IT support services provide your business with reliable and effective IT assets and processes.

Reliable and High Rated Hardware

We work with reliable and highly rated IT asset manufactures to provide you and your business with effective and reliable hardware.

Designed with Scalability in Mind

We understand that your business will grow and change. We aim to provide you with IT services and assets that will support the growth of your business.

We take security seriously. All our hardware and software installations are configured with your businesses security in mind.

Commercial Use Hardware

We work with IT hardware companies that design IT assets specifically for commercial use. These assets provide greater level of security than the at home versions.

Correct Software License

Configuring software licenses and installs correctly is extremely important to the financial security of your business. We ensure that all software installations are configured correctly and in compliance with manufacturer licensing guidelines.

Our pricing model aims to fit every budget. We have a package for everyone; from small businesses to large enterprises.

Flexible and Fair

Our pricing models are flexible and fair, ensuring we can take care of you, no matter the size of your business.

Up front and Honest

We provide up front estimates outlining what we plan to do and how long it will take us, so you never have sticker shock.